Vertical Ab Workouts: Your Ticket Outta Neck Strain


screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-9-24-14-amI kinda can’t believe this, but my tot-lette is 10 – dix! a decade! – and I still have a post-preggo kangaroo pouch.

My weight’s pretty low (109 lbs on a 5’1 frame, to be specific), but I still have a spongey mid-section. Grrrrr…

I’ve started working out with a great local trainer named Matt Gardner, and he’s pushing me on the abs front in a major way. I’m not always happy about this. In fact, sometimes I just want to smack him across his handsome, smiling, 20-Something mug.

But I know Matt’s just doing what I’ve asked him to do, which is to whittle inches and help build up my core and upper-body strength for tennis.

Sidebar: Oh tennis, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

Jointly, Matt and I are looking for solutions to a problem that’s plagued me forever – neck strain + pain from doing ab work on the floor. If I’m attempting any crunch-type move that involves bringing my head up to meet my legs / knees, I’m in agony.

Matt says this neck strain + pain is fairly common with women, and he has a theory that it’s because we beleaguered super-broads tend to carry a lot of our stress and tension in the shoulder / neck area.

I know I definitely do, and it’s compounded by the fact that I’m hunched over a computer for hours at a stretch, tapping out my latest journalistic masterpiece. (Or incredibly helpful blog post, like this one…)

So in my quest for ab perfection like the type possessed by 52-year-old mama-knockout Elle Macpherson (that’s her above – soooo cute), I started researching and stumbled upon something deeply brills: Vertical Ab Workouts

What? You already knew about Vertical Ab Workouts? Why didn’t you tell me?

In short, Vertical Ab Workouts are done standing up, so the possibility of neck strain + pain is eliminated.

Genius, genius and more genius.

Now the goal is to come up with a short series of standing ab moves I can do when I’m not with Matt. (Which is a lot of the time, considering I’m only seeing him once a week right now.) He says if I can work my core an additional two days a week, for a total of three, I’ll get a lot stronger.

I really do want to get stronger. Strong is awesome. But mostly I just want this damn post-preggo kangaroo pouch gone.

I found a very promising Vertical Abs Workout on the Women’s Health website that I think can help. It features six moves with peppy names (Standing Bicycles! Stepping Chops! Skating Windmills!) that I expect to master soon. Very soon. Like this weekend.

How exciting would it be to finally shed this baby belly?

OMG, so exciting. So, so, soooo exciting. Chills.




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