Visual proof that I am, in fact, knitting

A certain someone in a Momover Lady masterpiece.

Oh my. There is a waaaaaaay too much horrible stuff happening in the world at the moment. I’m afraid to turn on the TV, or flip through the news on my iPad, and I literally can’t get this un-cheery Clash song out of my head.

All the more reason why I’m happy to be having an Anti-Real World Summer. Because I’m not working (well, I’ve got the house torn to smithereens, organizing, but I loooooooove that), I have taken up full-time residence in my Mommy Cocoon.

I’m cooking (shocker), playing part-time nanny to the Wee Lass when she isn’t in day camp, and falling head over heels in smitten-ness with crafts. Last week, after jamming myself into a last-minute viewing of the beyond beyond beyond Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Met, I had the you-know-whats to pick up a potholder-making kit at the gift shop.

More on the potholder-making kit in an upcoming blog post; I’m struggling and I’m hoping you like-minded crafter mamas might be able to help me.

One project I didn’t need a lick of assistance with is this cute scarf I whipped-up for my little lady. Yes, there’s a sizeable hole toward the bottom, cleverly disguised by the festive fringe. But still, ya gotta admit that it came out just fine, right?

I may make the matching purse, if I can find the same yarn separately. If I can’t, I may just buy another one of the kits. I’m like totally down with stock-piling all the kiddie craft kits. They’re a great way to get going, and they remind me of my dirt-roads-and-ponies Oklahoma childhood, and my Native American granny and her a-ma-zing handmade quilts.

And her not-so-groovy Barbie clothes, too, which she sewed on a machine!!!! While I preferred the store-bought gold lamé pants for my Malibu Skipper, even at that young age I could appreciate the love my grandmother put into those teensy-weensy get-ups.

And trust me, my granny lived in the Mommy Cocoon. No real world for her.

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