Words of wisdom from People’s “Sexiest Man Alive” issue, the ultimate no-cal Thanksgiving treat

David Beckham: The nicest guy, married to the coolest chick.
David Beckham: The nicest guy, married to the coolest chick.

Happy Thanksgiving, my lovely Momoverettes!

Hopefully each and every one of you has an extremely long list of stuff you’re grateful for.

If you don’t, here’s a little something to drop in the gratitude bucket…

For the past few days, I’d been mulling over writing a listicle-style post of everything I’m grateful for this year.

But after a fun, successful day of baking three pies (my first! ever!) for today’s dinner, and a great night’s sleep (my first! in ages!), I’ve decided to ditch the listicle-style post in favor of something much more festive: a distillation of guy-wisdom from People mag’s new “Sexiest Man Alive” issue.

You’re very, very welcome.

Now on to that issue…

This year’s winner is the impossibly sweet David Beckham.

OMG, this chap. He can’t really be that nice, right?

But according to his way-talented wife Victoria Beckham (such a girl-crush on her, need to blog about that…), DB may actually be as lovely IRL as he seems in all the carefully manicured media we see about him.

He’s crazy about his kids, loves to vacuum, and is incredibly charitable.

Personally, I could do without all the tattoos (I’m very anti-body ink), but I find much to admire in this year’s winner, for sure.

So let’s kick-off with David Beckham’s Words of Wisdom. By the way, all the sexy men I’m quoting are fathers…

“They’ve seen their dad retire from football, but they haven’t seen me retire from working. I want them to have a good work ethic.” – David Beckham on the importance of giving back and not resting on laurels

Chris Pratt’s Words of Wisdom: 

“I’ve been slow-boiling.” – Chris Pratt on the beauty of being a late bloomer, and how it’s never too late to come into your hotness

Rob Lowe’s Words of Wisdom:

“The truth is that it comes from the inside – from your spirit, and being engaged, excited, excitable. That’s what makes you seem young.” – Rob Lowe on all the intangibles that can make a 50-something drool-worthy 

Tim McGraw’s Words of Wisdom: 

“I feel like the best years are ahead of me.” – Tim McGraw on taking control of our sexiness-fate by eating well and working out

Anthony Mackie’s Words of Wisdom:

“The whole idea of marriage is to do for the other person.” – Anthony Mackie on the marital-harmony upside of embracing loathsome household chores 

Christian Slater’s Words of Wisdom: 

“I definitely recommend rescuing. They’re very loyal. If I leave Fish for a second to go into Starbucks, it’s like he hasn’t seen me in three months.” – Christian Slater on the value of giving an unwanted animal the gift of a loving home 

And on that sweet note, I’m off to gobble some yummy homemade pie.