You Could Get Better At Brushing + This New Toothpaste Will Light the Way

brushingWait – did I ever tell you lovelies that I had full-on metal braces for a year?

If I didn’t, it was only because I had to keep a lid on sharing my news. I was under contract to write about it for Town & Country mag, and I didn’t want to “scoop” myself by blabbing-slash-blogging about it.

(If you’d like to read that festive little tale, go here on the T&C website to see it.)

Anyway – CARTWHEELS!!!!!! – I got my braces off in August.

I am so, so, soooo happy.

Yes, I’m as pleased as punch that my teeth are straight again. (This was my second go-round with braces; I had them first, like legions of others, as a teen.) It was a long year of being mortally embarrassed pretty much every time I opened my mouth, but it was worth it worth it worth it.

But here’s what’s even better: Finally being able to clean the bejesus out of my choppers. Lordy lordy, while clad in hardware, it was such a struggle to floss my fangs and sandblast my gums with my pricey Sonicare water-gushing device.

I don’t know how much I like that Sonicare water-gushing device, btw; it hasn’t been behaving well and it only recently celebrated its first birthday.

Miraculously, I survived the year in braces without acquiring any dastardly cavities. How do I know this? Because I just had a cleaning and checkup and the coast is clear.

Was there oodles of plaque for the hygienist to chisel off? Yes, frankly, there was. (You guys and I are such cherished pals that I feel I can share intimate intel like this with you.)

To keep myself plaque-free in the future, I’ll be relying on all things Sonicare – my DiamondClean toothbrush and that water-gushing device I just told you isn’t so hot; regular brush when my electric number isn’t charged; a Mount Everest level of floss and gallons o’ Listerine.

I also want to try this groovy “disclosing” toothpaste, Plaque HD:

Plaque HD - Fresh Mint with Box 2






Think of Plaque HD Plaque-Identifying Toothpaste as the Sheriff of your oral care posse. It’s a lot like those fuchsia tablets your dental hygienist used to make you chew to determine just how horrible a job you were doing of scrubbing your teeth.

Rather than the Momover signature shade of hot-pink, however, Plaque HD leaves a ghoulish teal green in its wake. I actually really like teal, although not on my teeth. But that’s why you use a plaque-magnet toothpaste in the first place – to learn how to brush so well, so vigilantly that you never, ever see a trace of the hot-pink or teal again.

Bonus: It’s obvi great for your tots – including anyone under your roof with braces. Let’s all get sparkling clean, people. Sparkling clean and plaque-free.







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